• .. to Acton Gardening Association.

We manages four sites on the eastern side of Acton; Chestnuts and Perryn opposite the King Fahad Academy on Bromyard Avenue W3, with Bromyard further down the Avenue near the Virgin Health Club and The Vale, opposite the Vale estate in Uxbridge Road.

All the sites suffer from one thing in common, we are on private land. Previously it was owned by the City livery company the Goldsmiths, who were left the land in the midst of the 1600’s by a blacksmith named Perryn born in Bromyard, Herefordshire, who rose to become a Sheriff of the City of London, and left all the land we now garden “for the good people of Acton”. As an allotment tenant on private land, we have no rights, which is what we found to our costs in the early years of the millennium. The Goldmiths decided to rid themselves of the land we occupied giving the Park Club, who arrived from Chiswick, a long-term lease. They immediately issued us with three months’ notice to clear our sites. A year-long battle ensued and we finally settled for a lease with a year’s notice of eviction if required.


  • Chairman:    Emily Orme
  • Joint secretaries:       

                                  Michael Wale   –   Susanna Harrison

  • Treasurer:    Jayne McKinnon


PLOT REPs:                    

  • Bromyard                                              Danny Gallen
  • Chestnuts                                               Zika Grujicic
  • Perryn                                                     Kathy Kennelly
  • The Vale                                                  Billy Carroll



  • Pat Farmer,  Tony Conway,  Michelle Burn-Forti